July 2016

These are the minutes of this month's meeting.



Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee's Meeting

July 6, 2016

Call to Order:

Roll Call: Jessica, Sherri, Emily, Lori, and Kris were here

Secretary's Report:

                Read and Approved

Treasurer's Report:

                Checking: $5,141.94                                     Enrich Iowa:  $5.00

                Money Market: $4,554.39                             CD: $4,535.46

Librarian's Report:

  • The Summer Library Reading Program registered 12 children and 3 adults so far.  Our first two programs were held in June.  First on June 6th we had 7 children and two adults attend a program called The Science of Sports.  We created sport mobiles, read books about the body, and made a cheese snack in the microwave.  On June 20th we had our second program.  Two children and one adult attended.  We had a pancake race and a tortoise and hare race,  read books about real and fantasy races, and made moustaches.  Kris showed them how to make popcorn in the microwave without special microwave popcorn. 
  • Kris as sent 6 books to other libraries through Interlibrary Loan,  Kris is using the copy money to pay for the postage.  In July the postage is reported for reimbursement.
  • Kris took a class in Jefferson on June 22nd to work on updating our website.
  • Kris will be going to New Mexico to see her daughter's family in the middle of July.  They will leave July 22nd and be back by July 31st.  
  • Kris weeded 61 adult books and 20 family and adult DVDs this month.
Library Use Report:
   Purchases:                                         Donations:

Adult Books: 24                                              Adult Books: 

Teen Books:    1                                             Teen Books: 

Juvenile Books:   1                                         Juvenile Books:

Children’s Books:  2                                       Children’s Books: 

Audio CDs:                                                     Audio CDs:

DVDs/Blu-ray: 8                                              DVDs/Blu-ray: 


          Adult Books: 68

          Teen Books: 

          Juvenile Books:  33

          Children’s Books:  35

          Magazines:  12

          DVDs/Blu-rays:  109

          Audio CDs: 

          Newspapers:  2

          Digital Editions:  47

Circulation Total:  306

          Interlibrary Loan: 6


          Computer:  2


          Town: 81

          Country:  34

Petty Cash  $11.15   Copy Money $9.50

Bills: Jessica signed the bills.

Committee Reports:

     Building – Kris –

     Budget – Karilyn –

     Personnel – Sherri

     Technology – Jessica

      Goals/LongRange Planning – Lori

Old Business: 

  • Library Evaluation: Look over the forms and bring back for the August meeting.
  • Old Settler's Day:  It's on August 13th.  We will be in charge of the Bingo Game.  We will give out pens or a choice of weeded books.

New Business:

Next Meeting:  August 3, 2016  at 6:00 P.M.

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