May 2017

These are the minutes for this month's meeting.

Farnhamville Public Library

May 3, 2017

Board of Trustee's Meeting

Call to Order:

Roll Call: Cheryl, Rob, Karilyn, Jessica, Lori, and Kris

Secretary’s Report:  Read and approved

Treasurer’s Report:

          Checking: $ 14,944                 Enrich Iowa: $434.80

Librarian's Report:

·       The Interlibrary Loan program is changing, starting May 1.  Lori will be handling the change-over upon the advice of the Northwest District office for the State Library.

·       Kris weeded 14 adult books and 5 children’s books this month.

·       Kris would like to thank the board for the great opportunity to be able to serve Farnhamville in the capacity of the Library Director for 6 years.  Kris will be maintaining the City Book Club and subbing for Lori during the summer when she is able.  Being an avid reader, Kris will continue to check out books both physically and digitally.  She doesn’t plan on being a stranger to the Library.

Library Use Report:

          Purchases:                                         Donations:

Adult Books:  13                                    Adult Books: 

Teen Books:                                         Teen Books: 

Juvenile Books:                                     Juvenile Books:

Children’s Books:  1 0                           Children’s Books: 

Audio CDs:  0                                       Audio CDs:

DVDs/Blu-ray: 9                                    DVDs/Blu-ray: 


          Adult Books: 82

          Teen Books:  1

          Juvenile Books:  23

          Children’s Books:  23

          Magazines:  6

          DVDs/Blu-rays:  79

          Audio CDs: 


          ILL:  5

          Digital Editions:  17

Circulation Total:  236

Information: 1

           Computer:  2


          Town: 66

          Country:  37

Petty Cash: $ 19.30 Copies: $0.65

Bills: Karilyn signed the bills.

Committee Reports:

Building – Kris –

Budget – Karilyn –

Personnel –  

Technology – Jessica

Goals/LongRange Planning – Lori

Old Business: 

·       Bird House Craft –

·       Bicycle Safety Course – Lori will call Jason – Calhoun County Health

New Business:

·       Newsletter – ask for paper products for the library.

·       Search for a new Trustee board member - Angie Jepson or Brandi Noggle

·       New Officers –

President:  Cheryl 

Vice President: Jessica

Secretary: Karilyn

No Treasurer is needed any more.  Need to update By-laws.

Next Meeting:  June 7, 2017 at 6:00 P.M.

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