June 2015

The minutes from this month's meeting.


Farnhamville Public Library

June 3, 2015

Board of Trustee's Meeting

Call to Order:

Roll Call: Cheryl, Karilyn, Sherri and Kristin were present

Secretary’s Report:  Read and approved minutes

Treasurer’s Report:

          Checking: $2,980.33                         Enrich Iowa: $487.09

          Money Market: $2,549.31                 CD: $4506.09      

County check came in for $3601.76.  Karilyn will be transfering $500.00  to the CD and $2000.00 to the MM from checking and move $482.09 from Enrich Iowa to the Checking account.

Librarian’s Report: 

  • Kris attended the Kids First Conference on May 6th.  Kris attended a keynote address on the viability of libraries and how to make them important to our patrons, and the perception of the public.  Kris also attended breakout sessions and a make-and-take session.
  • Paul and Kris went to Hiawatha on May 28th and picked up two computers, one desktop and one laptop.  The good news is that they have Windows 7 loaded on them.  Also they have freeware virus protection and a freeware program like Microsoft Office.  Kris will make sure these two freeware programs are working well.  Otherwise we will need to add virus protection and Kris can get Microsoft Office from a website that will cost $25,  We may need two copies of this program.  Kris will be setting up the laptop of Friday.  Kris still needs to purchase a hookup for the desktop that will allow it to receive our wireless signal.  Then she can set upp the desktop this week or next.
  • The summer reading program started June 1.  Four children have signed up and two more are in the process.


Library Use Report:

          Purchases:                                         Donations:

Adult Books:  26                                    Adult Books: 6 

Teen Books:  1                                      Teen Books:  2

Juvenile Books:   9                                Juvenile Books: 

Children’s Books:  1                               Children’s Books:  3

Audio CDs:                                           Audio CDs: 

DVDs/Blu-ray: 7                                    DVDs/Blu-ray:  


          Adult Books: 57

          Teen Books:  24

          Juvenile Books:  41

          Children’s Books:  65

          Magazines:  16

          DVDs/Blu-rays:  98

          Audio CDs:  

          Newspapers:  1

          Digital Editions:  37

Circulation Total:  330


           Computer:  4


          Town:  146

          Country:  40

Petty Cash  $11.12   Copy Money $11.40

Bills: Sherri signed the bills.

Committee Reports:

     Building – Kris –

     Budget – Karilyn –

     Personnel – Sherri

     Technology – Jessica

     Goals/LongRange Planning – Lori

Old Business:  

          Parton Computer - Director minutes

New Business: 

  • Vacation days - Do we or have we paid for vacation days?  Need to write a new personnel statement for the bylaws.        


Next Meeting:  August 5, 2015 at 6:00 P.M.

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