December 2015

The minutes for this month's meeting.

Farnhamville Public Library

December 2, 2015

Board of Trustee's Meeting

Call to Order:

Roll Call: Cheryl,  Karilyn, Lori, Jessica, and Kristin were present

          Sharlene Vote guest at the Christmas Meeting

Secretary’s Report:  Read and approved minutes

Treasurer’s Report:

          Checking: $                              Enrich Iowa: $5.00

          Money Market: $4,550.45                 CD: $4506.09

Librarian's Report:

  • We received a check for $64.42 from the Iowa Library services for open access services from July 2014 to June 2015.
  • Kris noticed the distribution of circulation type as compared to previous years.  The different types of circulation are more evenly distributed.  This means instead of just children's and adult books circulated, the types of circulation have evened out between adult, children's, videos, and digital books.
  • Kris weeded 8 children's books, 8 teen books, 3 adult books, and 2 movies.

Library Use Report:

          Purchases:                                         Donations:

Adult Books:  8                                      Adult Books: 

Teen Books:  1                                      Teen Books: 

Juvenile Books: 1                                  Juvenile Books:

Children’s Books:  10                             Children’s Books: 

Audio CDs:                                           Audio CDs:

DVDs/Blu-ray: 3                                    DVDs/Blu-ray: 


          Adult Books: 52

          Teen Books:  2

          Juvenile Books:  9

          Children’s Books:  78

          Magazines:  24

          DVDs/Blu-rays:  96

          Audio CDs:  1

          Newspapers:  3

          Digital Editions:  59

Circulation Total:  324


           Computer:  15


          Town:  94

          Country:  27

Petty Cash  $13.87   Copy Money $8.50

Bills: Lori signed the bills.

Committee Reports:

      Building – Kris –

      Budget – Karilyn –

      Personnel – Cherri

      Technology – Jessica

      Goals/LongRange Planning – Lori

Old Business: 

  • Rewriting of vacation/sick leave policy - 2nd reading/Revision
  • Christmas Coffee Karilyn and Lori planning on coming.  Please bring treats.

New Business:

  • Rewriting of the Emergency policy - changed some numbers and words - snowstorm was added to #4

Next Meeting:  January 6, 2016 at 6:00 P.M.

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