September 2014

Board Minutes from this month.

Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee's Meeting

September 10, 2014

Call to Order:

Roll Call: Kris, Cheryl, Sherri and Lori 

Secretary’s Report:

          Read and approved minutes

Treasurer’s Report:

          Checking: $2,523.41                         Enrich Iowa: $5.00

          Money Market: $2,547.20                 CD: $4506.09

Librarian’s Report:

·       Kris attended one of the lunches put on by Trinity Lutheran Church to thank them for the donation they made to the library in June.

·       Kris weeded 15 adult or children’s movies from our collection.  She weeded 21 audio CDs from the collection also.

·       On Old Settler’s Day Karilyn, Lori, and Kris ran the bingo games.  We sold cards for $0.25 apiece.  We gave library pens and money away to the winner of each game.  Most people wanted the pen more than the money.  We ran out of cards for some games, since so many people were playing.  We would like to run this again and see if someone could buy new bingo cards..  The Betterment Club had a 14-day gambling license for this year.  Barb says they will get one next year if there is an Old Settler’s Day.


Library Use Report:

          Purchases:                                         Donations:

Adult Books:  14                                    Adult Books: 

Teen Books:  2                                      Teen Books: 

Juvenile Books:       3                            Juvenile Books:

Children’s Books:  4                               Children’s Books:

Audio CDs:  1                                      Audio CDs:

DVDs/Blu-ray:                                       DVDs/Blu-ray: 


          Adult Books: 65

          Teen Books:  8

          Juvenile Books:  36

          Children’s Books:  96

          Magazines:  4

          DVDs/Blu-rays:  128

          Audio CDs:  6

          Newspapers:  1

          Digital Editions:  9

Circulation Total:  353


           Computer:  14


          Town:  128

Country:  17

Petty Cash  $20.82   Copy Money $33.10

Bills: Sherri signed the bills.


Committee Reports:

Building – Kris  There is a distinct mustiness in the building.  Kris would like to purchase a dehumidifier.

Budget – Karilyn

Personnel – Cherri

Technology – Jessica

Goals/LongRange Planning – Lori

Old Business: 

·       Should we have Bingo games throughout the year for the community?  Where?  More or new cards? 

New Business:

·       No substitute for the 20th . 

·       Dehumidifier – Motioned for Kris to check into and purchase one if the cost is between $100 - $150 (Jessica motioned / Sherri second) approved.

Next Meeting:  October 1, 2014 at 6:00 P.M.

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