January 2014

Board minutes for this month.

Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee’s Meeting

January 8, 2014


Call to Order:


Roll Call:

            Jessica, Cheryl, Karilyn, Sherri, Lori, and Kris were present


Secretary’s Report:

            Read and Approved


Treasurer’s Report:

            Checking: $3,661.14                                            Enrich Iowa: $472.41

            Money Market: $2,045.84                                 CD: $4,500.42


Library Use Report:

            Purchases:                                                               Donations:

                        Adult:                                                                        Adult: 4

                        Teen:                                                                         Teen:

                        Juvenile:                                                                   Juvenile:

                        Children’s:                                                               Children’s:

                        DVD/Blu-ray:                                                         DVD/Blu-ray: 4


                        Adult Books: 87

                        Teen Books: 3

                        Juvenile Books: 3

                        Children’s Books: 58

                        Magazines: 11

                        Newspapers: 1

                        Computer Time: 6

                        DVD/Blu-ray: 109

                        ILL Loans:

                        Digital: 3

            Circulation Total: 275

                        Town: 115

                        Rural: 11

Copies: 91/$23.10

Petty Cash: $16.93

Bills:  Lori initialed the bills.


Librarian’s Report:

·          The library didn’t receive the technology grant that Kris applied for.

·          Kris checked with the Rockwell City, Lohrville, and Somers libraries about the arrangement with their cities on funding their libraries.  All of the libraries are owned by the city.  Rockwell City and Lohrville libraries pay part of the electricity bill.  Somers pays all the electricity bill but no repair bills.

·          According to the county contract with the city the library is to be funded primarily by the city.


Committee Reports:

                    Building: Kris will be replacing Jason.

                    Budget: Karilyn

                    Personnel: Sherri

                    Technology: Jessica

                    Goals/Long Range Planning: Lori


Old Business:

·          Ceiling:  The city is fixing the ceiling (plaster falling from the first ceiling).  Someone will be coming in to put wood up and vents will be put in the roof this spring.

·          Budget: Kris is working up to 80 hours a month.  This has put a strain on our budget.  Library board members discussed asking the city to increase their funding of the library.  (Kris researched other Calhoun County library funding for us.)  We need help paying for the increases in the budget.  Kris will also investigate Wal-Mart grants or Web-Cal grants for additional funding.


New Business:

·       Election of new President:  Cheryl was elected (Jessica nominated/Karilyn second)

·       First reading of the Emergency Policy

·       Building committee replacement was discussed.

·       Kris’s annual evaluation was completed.


Next Meeting Date:  February 5, 2014 at 6:00 P.M.

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