January 2010

These are the minutes of the monthly meeting.



Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee's Meeting

January 6, 2010


Call to Order:

Roll Call: Sharon Vogel, Cheryl Pearson, Karilyn Schleisman, Jason McKenny, and Lori Miller

Secretary's Report:

      Read and Approved

Treasurer's Report:

        Checking: $5,966.70                        Enrich Iowa: $527.28

        Money Market: $6,432.23                 CD: $4,412.47

Librarian's Report: 

  • There is a County Supervisor's meeting on the 14th at 11:00.  Jason will attend for the library.  They will be deciding on the increase of the library's funding.  If passed the increase will take place in March.
  • Sharon will be having her surgery this week.
  • Computer class was well attended.  Vicki showed students how to use a publishing program and Excel programs.  Sharon would like to have the Excel program for her computer.  She will download the program and have a price at the next meeting.
  • The library receive a memorial for Helen Jorgenson.
  • Sharon received her recertification certificate.  She is certified until 2013.
Library Use Report: (November 2009)
      Purchases:                                       Donations:
         Adult:  5                                             Adult: 2
         Children's: 7                                      Children's: 
         Videos:                                              Videos: 
         Audio CD:                                         Audio CD:
         DVD:   7                                            DVD: 1
         Adult: 107
         Children: 18
         Newspapers: 5
         Audio CD: 
         Computer:  8
         DVD: 31
       Circulation total: 188
         Town: 94
         Rural: 21
Bills:  Cheryl initialed the bills.
Ersel worked 1 1/2 hours on November 21.
Library Use Report: (December 2009)
      Purchases:                                       Donations:
         Adult:  3                                             Adult: 
         Children's:                                       Children's: 
         Videos:                                              Videos: 
         Audio CD:                                         Audio CD:
         DVD:   3                                            DVD: 
         Adult: 111
         Children: 6
         Newspapers: 5
         Videos: 2
         Audio CD: 
         Computer:  6
         DVD: 47
       Circulation total: 190
         Town: 65
         Rural: 20
Bills:  Lori initialed the bills.
Ersel had 2 hours on December 30, 2009.
Ersel had 1 hour on January 4, 2010
Committee Reports:
         Building: Jason
         Budget: Sharon
         Personnel: Cheryl
         Technology: Jessica
         Goals/Long Range Planning: Lori
Old Business:
  • Painting:  Cheryl and Karilyn will go and choose the paint color for the library.  
  • Carpeting:  Wade Warehime and Jerry Lawman will be asked to measure for and install the new carpeting.  The library will probably need to be closed for a week or so for both to be finished.
New Business:
  • Evaluation: Sharon's evaluation was given and a motion was made to increase her salary to $10.25 an hour by Cheryl and Jason was second.  The motion passed all in favor.
Next meeting date:  February 3, 2010 at 6:00 PM  
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