November 2013

Minutes for the monthly meeting.

Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee's Meeting

November 6, 2013

Call to Order:

Roll Call: Jason, Jessica, Cheryl, Karilyn,  and Kris were present

Secretary's Report: 

     Read and Approved:

Treasurer's Report:

      Checking: $1,906.32            Enrich Iowa: $472.41

       CD: $4, 500.42                   Money Market: $2,545.48

 Cut down on spending.

Librarian's Report:

  • Seventeen children participated in the Halloween coloring contest.
  • The Ghost Hunters presentation was held on October 20th.  It was attended by 37 people.  Kris was somewhat disappointed in the speaker, but the audience was attentive.
  • Twenty-eight children and 16 adults attended Fright Night on October 28th.  This was fewer than last year.  There was no school that day so several families that Kris expected to be there were probably out of town.
  • Kris attended five webinars this month.  One was on teen books, one was on WILBOR, one was on the annual report she fills out each year, one was on an author's new children's book and one was on children's non-fiction series.
  • Kris completed the annual report online and sent it electronically on October 18th.
  • Kris attended a workshop on October 29th about the Summer Reading Program for 2014.  It is called Fizz! Boom! Pop! and will concentrate on exploring science topics.
  • Kris applied for a technology grant through the State Library of Iowa.  This gran was for up to $1500, with no matching money required.  Kris applied for another desktop computer to put on the large round table on the south wall of the library.  Kris got a quote from Little Joe's Computer for $1500, which included price breaks from him.  She did not know about this grant opportunity until after the October Board meeting.  We have had people on the computer looking up medical information, insurance, and doing orders for a business that requires them to be on the computer for several hours at a time.  Another computer will alleviate some of that congestion.  We would need to have another outlet installed in the library to accommodate its needs,
  • Since the city has moved their fax machine, we need to get one installed from out printer.  Kris will get it done if the board approves of it.  Kris had to fax the technology grant from the city's fax machine and She does occasionally need to send information into the State Library of Iowa through a fax.  She called Rockwell City and Manson for information on how much they charge patrons for a fax.  Manson charges $1.00 to send each sheet and $0.50 receive one.  Rockwell City charges $0/50 for each sheet to send.  Emily Bendickson says the city set up a fax line that comes through on their phone line and costs $3.00 per month,  There would also be an installation fee, but that depends on what needs to be done.
Library Use Report:

Purchases:                          Donations:

     Adult Books:                     Adult Books: 

     Teen Books:  

      Juvenile Books:               Juvenile Books: 

     Children's Books:              Children's Books: 

     Audio CD's: 

     DVD's/Blu-ray:                   DVD's/Blu-ray:  


     Adult Books: 

     Teen Books:  

     Juvenile Books:  

     Children's Books:  



     Audio CD:  


     Digital Editions: 

     IIL Loans:

Circulation Total:  






  B & W copies $

   color copies


Petty Cash:  $

 ? initialed the bills.

Committee Reports:

     Building: Jason - There is a smell (sewer or mildew) coming down from the ceiling tiles.  Needs to be investigated by AJ.

Old  Business:

  •     December 21,  time is 11:00 - 2:00

New Business:

  • Jason McKenney submitted his resignation from the Board of Trustees on November 6th.

Motion to adjourn

Next Meeting on December 2, 2013 at 6:00 P.M.

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