July 2013

Minutes for this month.

Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee's Meeting

July 10, 2013

Call to Order:

Roll Call: Jason, Jessica, Cheryl, Karilyn Lori, and Kris were present

Secretary's Report: 

     Read and Approved:

Treasurer's Report:

      Checking: $3,549.84             Enrich Iowa: $5.00

       CD: $4, 480.28                   Money Market: $3,045.93


Librarian's Report:

  • The Summer Library Program started June 3. So far 24 children have signed up for the program.  The program runs until July 31st.  Three people have signed up through the web site.
  • Four children attended our first SLP activity on plants, June 10th.  They made balloon terrariums.
  • Ten children and 3 adults attended the second SLP activity on digging animals.  We heard Karen Hanson, the Webster County naturalist, talk about digging animals, listened to books on digging animals, talked about our ant farm, and made ants on a log. 
  • The library received a donation of $20.00 from Roxi Madson.  Kris sent her a thank-you note telling her we would use the money for our October Program.
  • Kris has been thinking of programs for October.   She wants to plan a family program.  She has been talking to a ghost hunters group from the Des Moines area about giving a presentation I Farnhamville during the month of October.  The cost would be $85.00 They would have to come on the weekend because they have jobs during the week and it would be too far to come.  The presentation would last about an hour with time for questions afterwards.  Would it be better to hold in the Co-Op Room?
  • Judy Harvey, a patron of the library and new to Farnhamville, has asked if we would like to have a fundraiser in the library for her Tastefully Simple products.  She said she gets to keep 30% of the profits and she would give the library 20% or 2/3 of the profits.  (Don't think we can sponsor a for profit activity)
  • Kris will be gone from July 16-July 23.  Ersel and Carol will be taking days at the library.
Library Use Report:

Purchases:                          Donations:

     Adult Books: 4                 Adult Books: 4

     Teen Books:  2

      Juvenile Books: 9

     Children's Books:             Children's Books: 4

     Audio CD's: 

     DVD's/Blu-ray: 9               DVD's/Blu-ray:  


     Adult Books: 82

     Teen Books:  3

     Juvenile Books:  22

     Children's Books:  68

     Magazines:  7

     DVD/Blu-rays:  121

     Audio CD:  

     Newspapers:  1

     Digital Editions: 

     IIL Loans:

Circulation Total:  394

     Computer:  8


     Town:  122

     Rural:  41


41 B & W copies $4.90

   color copies


Petty Cash:  $7.72

Cheryl initialed the bills.

Committee Reports:

     no reports

Old  Business:

     Children's furniture is here and will be paid through next month's bills.

     Old Settler's Day Parade: Cheryl offered her car/or pull wagons.  We will be handing out our candies, beads, straws, and measuring tapes.  We'll get the buckets ready during the August meeting.  We'll have pizza and pop here.

New Business:

     Election of new officers: Stayed the same President: Jason

                                                                        Vice President: Jessica

                                                                        Treasurer: Karilyn

                                                                         Secretary: Lori

      There are new locks on the front door and Kris has the copies of the new library key if you need to get in.

Motion to adjourn

Next Meeting on August 7, at 6:00 P.M.

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