December 2013

Minutes for this month's meeting.

Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee's Meeting

December 2, 2013

Call to Order:

Roll Call:  Jessica, Cheryl, Lori, and Kris were present

Secretary's Report: 

     Read and Approved:

Treasurer's Report:

      Checking: $620.00            Enrich Iowa: $5.00

       CD: $4, 500.42                   Money Market: $2,545.48


Librarian's Report:

  • Kris attended a meeting in Storm Lake on November 19th to learn about the new program to use on our website.  Keeping our website updated through these classes allows patrons to be kept informed of upcoming events and makes sure we retain the website for our use.  She will attend more classes next spring for this also.  These classes are onsite and not online, so we can have one-on-one help to keep improving our websites.
  • The Library is planning on being closed for New Year's Day.
Library Use Report:

Purchases:                          Donations:

     Adult Books:                     Adult Books: 4

     Teen Books:                     Teen Books: 1

      Juvenile Books:               Juvenile Books: 2

     Children's Books:              Children's Books: 2

     Audio CD's: 

     DVD's/Blu-ray:                   DVD's/Blu-ray:  8


     Adult Books: 79

     Teen Books:  1

     Juvenile Books: 8 

     Children's Books: 48 

     Magazines:  2

     DVD/Blu-rays: 114 

     Audio CD:  

     Newspapers:  2

     Digital Editions: 

     IIL Loans:

Circulation Total:  256

     Computer:  6


     Town:  105

     Rural:  21


  B & W copies $

   color copies


Petty Cash:  $16.93

 Cheryl initialed the bills.

Committee Reports:

      no reports 

Old  Business:

  •    Christmas Coffee is held on the same morning as Santa coming to the fire station.

New Business:

  • Ceiling tile problem - There is a lot of dust and a pronounced aroma coming from the area above the tiles.
  • Closed January 1st.
  • January meeting date - Held on January 8th
  • New President must be elected to replace Jason McKenney upon his resignation.

Motion to adjourn

Next Meeting on January 8, 2014 at 6:00 P.M

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