April 2013

Account of board meeting this month.

Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee's Meeting

April 3, 2013

Call to Order:

Roll Call: Jason, Jessica, Cheryl, Karilyn, Lori and Kris were present

Secretary's Report: 

     Read and Approved minutes.

Treasurer's Report:

      Checking: $3,518.68             Enrich Iowa: $5.00

       CD: $4, 480.28                   Money Market: $3,044.71

Librarian's Report:

  • Kris attended another class on our library's website in March.  Kris can upload pictures that were provided by Jessica and others Kris has taken outside the library. You can check it out at www.farnhamville.lib.ia.us.
  • Kris is doing a program called "Spring into Books".  15 children and 16 adults are participating.
  • The book sale is scheduled for April 15 - 20th.  Books will again be sold for $1.00 per plastic bag.
  • Kris is planning for the summer reading program.  It is called "Dig into Reading".  She will attend  one day of the Kids First Conference coming up in late April.  Karen Hansen, the naturalist from Webster County Conservation will come and talk to kids about ants and have them help Kris create an ant farm. 
  • Kris is taking time off in April to take care of her grandson in Minnesota.  Ersel has agreed to work those days.
  • Kris asked the board to reimburse her for the $45 fee for the Kids First Conference. (Cheryl motion- Jessica second - all agreed)
  • The Calhoun County Community Foundation grant was approved in the amount of $403.  The awards ceremony will be held on Thursday, April 11th.  Social hour will be at 5:30 P.M. and the presentation of the checks is at 6:00 at the Rockwell City Community Center/Library.

Library Use Report:

Purchases:                          Donations:

     Adult Books: 17                 Adult Books: 2

     Teen Books:  

      Juvenile Books: 

     Children's Books:  

     Audio CD's:  

     DVD's/Blu-ray: 8             DVD's/Blu-ray:  


     Adult Books: 101

     Teen Books:  1

     Juvenile Books:  2

     Children's Books:  106

     Magazines:  9

     DVD/Blu-rays:  129

     Audio CD:  5

     Newspapers:  5

     Digital Editions: 1

Circulation Total:  359

     Computer:  2


     Town:  170

     Rural:  32


130 B & W copies

  2 color copies


Petty Cash:  $20.34

Bills were signed by Jessica (Cheryl and Jason)

No committee reports:

Old  Business:

      New copies of the By-laws were passed out.

New Business:

     Election of Officers - At the July 10th meeting.

     DVD - There have been many DVD's returned without the disk being in the container.

Motion to adjourn

Next Meeting on May 1, 2013 at 6:00 P.M.(rescheduled for May 10th)

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