November 2012

Board Minutes

Board of Trustee’s Meeting

November 7, 2012


Call To Order:


Roll Call:  Jason, Cheryl, Karilyn, Lori and Kris were present


Secretary’s Report:

          Read and Approved


Treasurer’s Report:

          Checking: $1,839.14              Enrich Iowa:  $ 5.00

          Money Market: $ 4,488.64     CD: $ 4480.28



Library Use Report:

            Purchases:                              Donations:

                   Adult: 11                               Adult: 5

                   Children’s: 7                         Children’s: 4  

                   DVD/CD:   9                          DVD/CD:


          Adult Books: 103

          Children’s Books: 110   

          Periodicals: 19

          Newspapers:  2


          Audio Cassettes/CDs:  

          Computer Time: 13

          DVDs: 89

          ILLoans: 2

          Digital Books: 10

Circulation Total: 348


                    Town:  330

                    Rural: 17


Bills: Cheryl initialed bills. 


Librarian’s Report:

  • October was a busy month in the library.  The library provided programs for both adults and children all throughout the month.
  • Adults and one child came for the flu shot this month.  Other health services may be added, such as sight and hearing screenings for young children.  I also want to explore adding health programs to the library for adults, such as information on Alzheimer’s and shingles.
  • October 15th we had a “Going Batty” program for 3-12 year olds that was a success.  22 children and several adults attended.  Karen Hanson, the Webster County naturalist, gave part of the program.  She talked about the sounds bats made and had a stuffed bat for kids to touch.  She talked about habitat and species of bats in Iowa.  I discussed bat books available in the library, the kids made bat puppets, we played bat games, and we enjoyed bat jell-o jigglers, ice cream, and V-8 fruit drinks.
  • The “Fright Night” program for 3 – 12 year olds was held on October 29th.  33 children and at least 17 adults were present.  We had many volunteers to help read Halloween books and monitor games.  Cookies, marshmallow ghosts on pretzels, Halloween Jell-o jigglers, and drink boxes were provided.  Several people have told me how much they enjoyed volunteering or attending this program.  I had an adult tell me they would donate money to this program next year.  I am planning on making this a yearly tradition.
  • We are still working on getting a new computer for the library.  We are exploring replacing two printers and just having one that all printing from both the public and library computer would be handled.  There is still some question about what printer to get, as the one connected to the library computer was a photo printer.  That is why it ahd expensive ink.  The one we are looking at is a business computer that would use ink that would last about 10 times longer.  (Joe has said it should make about 1000 copies from one set of ink cartridges.  The ink price is similar to the photo printer, but would last much longer.)  Testing of copies of photographs is still being done.
  • When I asked for volunteers for Fright Night, I talked to people about being Book Buddies.  We have added three new Book Buddies:  Marilyn Jensen, Charlotte True, and Sybil Smith.  Sally Frotscher, Maxine Kail and Maria Vosberg were taken off the Book Buddies list.


Committee Reports:

                Building: Jason

  • The east door is fixed.

                Budget: Karilyn

  • Karilyn is working on the new budget.

                Personnel: Cheryl


                Technology: Jessica


                Goals / Long Range Planning: Lori


Old Business:

  • November Open House – November 10th.  Buy cookies and  juice boxes for drinks.   Turkey and a ham for door prizes.
  • Movie Substitute:  DVD exchanged with Family Video whose copy ended up in our box.

New Business:

  • Thanksgiving closure:  Last year we took Saturday off.  There will be no Friday this year.  Ersel will open on Saturday.
  • Christmas Meeting:  There will be a regular meeting.
  • Board member change list:


Next Meeting Date: December 5 , 2012 at 6:00 PM

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