March 2012

Minutes for this month's meeting.

Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee’s Meeting

March 7, 2012


Call To Order:

Roll Call:  All present except Cheryl

Secretary’s Report:

          Read and Approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report:

          Checking: $3,950.46              Enrich Iowa:  $ 85.63

          Money Market: $  3,480.67    CD: $ 4480.28

Library Use Report:

            Purchases:                              Donations:

                   Adult: 12                                   Adult:  

                   Children’s:                                Children’s:    

                   DVD/CD:  11                             DVD/CD:


          Adult Books: 141

          Children’s Books: 41  

          Periodicals: 26

          Newspapers:  4

          Computer Time:  4 1/2 hours

          DVDs: 74

Circulation Total: 208


                    Town: 124

                    Rural: 30

Bills:  Jessica initialed bills. 

Librarian’s Report:

  • The Standards Report has been filled out and sent in.  We should be a Tier I library.  The old report is still online.
  • Usage in the library is up.  Having the incentives has helped. 
  • Saturday, March 2nd, a group of kids celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday.
  • Kris put the children's videos in alphabetical order.  The new adult videos have a green tape label.  We should consider putting the children's VHS videos on the book sale.
  • The fiction weeding is going slow.
  • Kris will set up a Teen/Young Adult section when circulation merits a section.
  • Moving the videos has had a positive reaction.  They are much easier to find what you want.
  • We've had only 1 Audio circulated this year.  We shouldn't purchase any more.
  • Book Sales Dates are April 16, 18, and 21st.  There will be a notification in the quarterly newsletter.
  • Kris will be traveling in March.  Carol and Lori will work in the library.  Erse's daughter says she is still recuperating.  
  • We will have new pens with the library's name and phone number on them to hand out.


Committee Reports:

                Building: Jason

                Budget: Karilyn

                Personnel: Cheryl

                Technology: Jessica

                Goals / Long Range Planning: Lori 

Old Business:

  • Book Drop: The guy is still working on it.  The prototype didn't work out.


New Business:

  • The Holiday Dinner with spouses - We need to find a date.


Next Meeting Date: April 4, 2012 at 10:00 AM

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