June 2012

Minutes for the monthly meeting.

Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee’s Meeting

June 6, 2012


Call To Order:

Roll Call:  All present 

Secretary’s Report:

          Read and Approved  

Treasurer’s Report:

          Checking: $3,071.92             Enrich Iowa:  $ 85.63

          Money Market: $ 5,483.38    CD: $ 4,480.28

Library Use Report:

            Purchases:                              Donations:

                   Adult: 19                                   Adult:  9

                   Children’s: 8                             Children’s:   20 

                   DVD/CD:  7                              DVD/CD:


          Adult Books: 83

          Children’s Books: 56

          Periodicals: 29

          Newspapers: 5

          Computer Time:  7

          Audio Cassettes/CDs: 

          DVDs: 49

Circulation Total: 239 (includes 10 ILL books ordered)


                    Town: 109

                    Rural: 19

Bills: Lori initialed bills. 

Ersel Rushton worked 5 hours.

Petty Cash: $18.16 ($17.60 copies)

Librarian’s Report:

  • Digital books have been available since May 31st.  We have had one training class for WILBOR.  Three patrons attended.  A second class is planned for June 13th.  Kris was successful in downloading a book.  You need a computer to download the book, not just your Kindle, Nook, etc. reading devices.  Patrons can use their own library number - putting five zeros in front of it for their login.
  • The Summer Reading Program begins on June 16th.  The theme is "Dream Big -  Read".  It will continue until September 15th.  Kris has planned three Saturday story time sessions that will coordinate with this theme. Prizes will be awarded when children check out books and when they reach a goal of reading 10 books.
  • Kris looked at desks at Office Max.  The one she liked best is shorter, but wider.  It is considerably more expensive than the others which are narrower and shorter than what we have.
  • Kris is having problems with both the computer and printer.  The computer keeps trying to download an update to Firefox but says it can't find the server.  Kris also cannot send e-mails from the Iowa library site.  The printer is not printing.
  • We received a $300 in a gift from Patron Brandi Nagl.
  • We received a $5.00 gift from Bonnie Adam in memory of Carol Ewing.
  • Kris completed the library inventory for the city clerk.
  • Kris completed her first Library Management Class. 

Committee Reports:

                Building: Jason

                Budget: Karilyn

                Personnel: Cheryl  - Evaluations completed and given to Kris.

                Technology: Jessica

                Goals / Long Range Planning: Lori 

Old Business:

  • Book Drop: 

New Business:

  • Cheryl will take the computer to Little Joe's in Fort Dodge for repairs.
  • July meeting will be skipped due to July 4th being the first Wednesday in July. 
  • RAGBRAI has asked for the Library to be open so their reporters have wireless assess on that day.
  • December Christmas Party will take place on August 1st, meeting at Sport's Page in Fort Dodge at 6:00PM.


Next Meeting Date: August 1, 2012 at 10:00 AM

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