August 2012

Minutes from the monthly meeting.

Board of Trustee’s Meeting

August 1, 2012


Call To Order:

Roll Call:  All present     

Secretary’s Report:

          Read and Approved

Treasurer’s Report:

          Checking: $3,258.81             Enrich Iowa:  $ 5.00

          Money Market: $ 5,484.43    CD: $ 4480.28

Library Use Report: (June)

            Purchases:                              Donations:

                   Adult: 7                                Adult: 3

                   Children’s: 8                        Children’s:  

                   DVD/CD: 10                           DVD/CD:

11 children's books deleted.


          Adult Books: 127

          Children’s Books: 102   

          Periodicals: 24

          Newspapers:  3

          Audio CD: 2

          Computer Time:  2

          DVDs: 42


Circulation Total: 302


                    Town: 147

                    Rural: 28


Library Use Report: (July)

            Purchases:                              Donations:

                   Adult: 8                                Adult: 1

                   Children’s: 14                        Children’s: 4 

                   DVD/CD: 8                            DVD/CD:

4 adult books and 65 audio cassettes deleted.


          Adult Books: 122

          Children’s Books: 98  

          Periodicals: 12

          Newspapers:  3

          Audio CD: 

          Computer Time:  12

          DVDs: 61


Circulation Total: 308


                    Town: 151

                    Rural: 22

Bills:  Cheryl initialed bills. 

Librarian’s Report:

  • We had 5 people show up for training of WILBOR program.  Several people have started downloading onto digital devices.  Kris will start to include this in the use report next month.
  • We have 19 children ranging from 3 - 13 involved in the summer reading program.  4 children have come to the two Saturday programs Kris had planned.  One more of these is planned for August 11th.  Several children have made their goals and will receive their prizes next week.  Prizes are a Fort Dodge Theater free pass and a $10 gift card from ITunes.
  • Kris deleted the audio cassette books from the library catalog.  Not one of these has been checked out since Kris came on as director.  Occasional checkouts of digital audio books continue to occur.  Since digital audio books are available for check-out from WILBOR, Kris has not ordered any.  Kris will check and see if the audio cassettes can be donated to the Braille Society.
  • According to Little Joe of Little Joe's Computer, a new tower that meets our needs would cost about $800.00.  Due to the age of the computer's mother board and the low end value of the other components and the humming noise it is making right now - our computer might last two more years.  He would build a high quality computer tower and fit our needs for that price.  Kris has called twice already and finally backed up the system (first time in 18 months).
  • The representative from Office Max says we can get a 20%discount on a new desk setup from Office Max.
  • Kris has received confirmation of her credits from the first Library Management class.  She is registered for the second class starting September 5th.


Committee Reports:

                Building: Jason

                Budget: Karilyn

                Personnel: Cheryl

                Technology: Jessica

                Goals / Long Range Planning: Lori

Old Business:

  • Book Drop: Paul Fields will see what he can do.
  • New Circulation desk - still holding.

New Business:

  • New computer Motioned to get bids and act on it next month (Karilyn and Lori).
  • Circulation is great.  It justifies opening another day each week.  The first Friday in September will begin out new open day.
  • Newsletter - Karilyn is making a new newsletter for Farnhamville.  We'll include our library newsletter on the back side each month.


Next Meeting Date:  September 5, 2012 at 6:00 PM

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