April 2012

Minutes for this month's meeting.

Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee’s Meeting

April 4, 2012


Call To Order:

Roll Call:  All present 

Secretary’s Report:

          Read and Approved  (Cheryl - motion/Karilyn - second)

Treasurer’s Report:

          Checking: $7,016.22              Enrich Iowa:  $ 85.63

          Money Market: $  3,481.34    CD: $ 4,480.28

Karilyn discussed the amount of money in the checking account and wanted a motion to move $2,000.00 into the money market account.  (Cheryl - motioned/ Jessica - second)  We received the city's $1000.00 this month.

Library Use Report:

            Purchases:                              Donations:

                   Adult: 11                                   Adult:  

                   Children’s: 8                             Children’s:   37 

                   DVD/CD:  8                              DVD/CD:


          Adult Books: 101

          Children’s Books: 30  

          Periodicals: 40

          Newspapers:  6

          Computer Time:  11

          Audio Cassettes/CDs: 1

          DVDs: 71

Circulation Total: 260


                    Town: 112

                    Rural: 25

Bills:  Cheryl initialed bills. 

Carol Hicks worked 5 hours and Ersel Rushton worked 5 hours.

Librarian’s Report:

  • We received a $50.00 donation from the Xi Eta Sigma sorority.
  • We received a grant or $425.00 from the Calhoun County Community Foundation to subscribe to WILBOR.  A representative from this library board needs to be in attendance at the award ceremony on April 12, at 5:30 for the presentation in the Rockwell City Community Center/Library.  The letter of agreement needs to be signed and taken to this meeting.  Karilyn and Kris will go.
  • We've subscribed to the WILBOR program.  The agreement was sent on March 28th.  The amount we owe is about $100 less than previously stated.  The set up charge of $500 = $300 base for each library and a per capita fee of $33.39= $833.39.
  • The dates of the book sale are April 16, 18, and 21st.  A grocery bag of books is $1.00.  The announcement is in the Spring Book Nook Newsletter.  Kris will need help sorting and arranging the books on Saturday, April 14th.
  • A new program for adults and children is "Spring into Books!" Children and adults will receive prizes for every five books read from April 2, to May 26th.
  • An online session of "The board's Role in HR" will be held Thursday, April 19th.  This session will deal with director job evaluations.  Another session is scheduled for April 26th and deals with workplace relations.  Register on the State Library website.
  • Money that comes from charging for copies cannot be kept I petty cash from now on.  Petty cash has to be a separate account and reported to the city council.
  • Our library can only charge $2.00 for ILL postage fees.  Therefore any extra amount will have to be made up by the library.


Committee Reports:

                Building: Jason

                Budget: Karilyn

                Personnel: Cheryl  Table evaluations due tonight until May. (Jessica motioned/Karilyn                                                      second)

                Technology: Jessica

                Goals / Long Range Planning: Lori 

Old Business:

  • Book Drop: 
  • Book sale is in the Librarian's report.


New Business:

  • Inventory of library equipment from 2005 is due.
  • We might/will need a desk for the director and computer set up.  We need to provide more privacy when checking out books, etc.  Karilyn will check out used desks with an L shaped configuration in good condition but as cheap as possible.  (Lori Motioned/ Cheryl second)
  • A second or third computer for downloading from WILBOR in the library would be convenient for wireless download after the end of May. (laptop)


Next Meeting Date: May 2, 2012 at 10:00 AM

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