September 2011

These are the minutes of the monthly meeting.

Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee's Meeting

September 7, 2011


Call to Order:

Roll Call: All Present

Secretary's Report:

      Read and Approved

Treasurer's Report:

        Checking: $3,384.03                        Enrich Iowa: $435.61

        Money Market: $3,472.32                 CD: $4,471.27

  • Verifying the balances on the accounts.

Librarian's Report: 

  • Summer Reading Program: No kids have brought their sheets back to the library.
  • Scheduling complete through December for the three of us to have the library open.
  • Calhoun County Association meeting is on October 3 in Pomeroy.
  • Christmas Hours (paper printed the wrong hours). Closed Saturday and open on Monday.
  • Newsletter: Preliminary sheet about what's going on in the library.  Book reviews, highlight a patron and what they read or use in the library.  Hang color around town and black and white can go out in town bills if done at the end of the month.
Library Use Report:
      Purchases:                                       Donations:
         Adult: 24                                           Adult: 4
         Children's:                                        Children's: 1
         Videos:                                              Videos: 
         Audio CD:                                         Audio CD:
         DVD:   2                                              DVD:
         Adult: 202
         Children: 62
         Newspapers: 3
         Audio Cassettes: 
         Computer:  2
         DVD: 93
       Circulation total: 393
         Town: 145
         Rural: 38
Bills:  Lori initialed the bills.
Ersel worked 12 hours.
Lori worked 6 hours.
Kristin worked 24 hours.
Committee Reports:
         Building: Jason
  • Book Drop will be finished soon.  Putting the finishing touches on before installing.
         Budget: Sharon
         Personnel: Cheryl
         Technology: Jessica
         Goals/Long Range Planning: Lori
  • Due to Tier funding changes the library will review their policies to determine updates and revisions.
Old Business:
  • Book Drop:
New Business:
Next meeting date:  October 5, 2011 at 6:00 PM  
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