October 2011

These are the minutes of the monthly meeting.



Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee's Meeting

October 5, 2011


Call to Order:

Roll Call: All Present except Karilyn.

Secretary's Report:

      Read and Approved

Treasurer's Report:

        Checking: $2,015.91                        Enrich Iowa: $435.61

        Money Market: $3,475.59                 CD: $4,471.27

Librarian's Report: 

  • The Handicapped Ramp has been completed.
  • A great deal of weeding has been done this month.  Many books have been entered into the catalog.
  • The children are coming in to use the library's wireless internet.
Library Use Report:
      Purchases:                                       Donations:
         Adult: 1                                             Adult: 1
         Children's:  9                                      Children's: 
         Videos:                                              Videos: 
         Audio CD:                                         Audio CD:
         DVD:   8                                              DVD:
         Adult: 133
         Children: 41
         Newspapers: 3
         Audio Cassettes: 
         Computer:  6
         DVD: 68
       Circulation total: 265
         Town: 109
         Rural: 29
Bills:  Cheryl initialed the bills.
Ersel worked 15 hours.
Lori worked 6 hours.
Kristin worked 20 hours.
Committee Reports:
         Building: Jason
         Budget: Sharon
         Personnel: Cheryl
         Technology: Jessica
  • The printer by the desk needs to be replaced.  Jessica motion/Cheryl second - passed.
         Goals/Long Range Planning: Lori
  • Due to Tier funding changes the library will review their policies to determine updates and revisions.
Old Business:
  • Leave Policy: Cheryl motioned/Jason seconded.  To combine our Vacation and Personnel Leave policy for paid time off accruing at one hour per 50 hours worked. (12.72 hours) New Amendment of the new policy will begin on January 1, 2012
  • Book Drop - nothing to report.
New Business:
  • Purchase new magazine rack.  Jason motioned/Cheryl second to purchase one for no more than $400.00 not including shipping.
Next meeting date:  November2, 2011 at 6:00 PM  
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