March 2011

These are the minutes for this month's meeting.


Farnhamville Public Library

Board of Trustee's Meeting

March 2, 2011


Call to Order:

Roll Call: All Present

Secretary's Report:

      Read and Approved

Treasurer's Report:

        Checking: $1,932.99                        Enrich Iowa: $435.61

        Money Market: $3467.81                 CD: $4461.31

Librarian's Report: 

  • Sharon asked Patti Fuss to shovel snow for the library next winter and for the remaining season.  She charges $15.00/time.
  • The state library was cleaning out their files and sent us two articles about our library's history.  They will be placed in our history file in the safe.
  • Ersel is close to the budgeted (41 out of 45) substitute hours.  
  • Story hour for this summer

       1.  The county is doing bikes at school this year.

       2.  We could make bird houses.

       3.  Have story hour on Saturdays.

       4.  End the summer with a family picnic.

       5.  Prizes for the program could be a bike this year.

       6.  We can have the readers earn points by reading a certain number of pages/books by age level.

       7.  Further discussion next month.

Library Use Report:
      Purchases:                                       Donations:
         Adult: 20                                           Adult: 2
         Children's:                                        Children's
         Videos:                                             Videos:
         Audio Cassette:                                Audio Cassette: 
         DVD:   4                                            DVD:
         Adult: 94
         Children: 5
         Periodicals: 33
         Newspapers: 5
         Videos: 6
         Audio Cassettes: 
         Computer:  2
         DVD: 17
       Circulation total: 162
         Town: 69
         Rural: 17
Bills:  Lori initialed the bills.
Ersel worked 8 hours for $60.00.
Committee Reports:
         Building: Jason - City is taking bids on the handicapped ramp repair.
         Budget: Sharon
         Personnel: Cheryl
         Technology: Jessica
         Goals/Long Range Planning: Lori
Old Business:
  • Book Drop - Dan Nima has measured the opening and is making something that will work.
New Business:
Next meeting date:  April 6, 2011 at 6:00 PM  
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